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Willdlife management

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Spider Man Pest Control Wildlife Management Services has the solutions for your animal control needs. Take the first step and call 210-656-3721 so our wildlife specialist can evaluate your situation and explain how we can solve your wildlife problem.

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How We Can Solve Your Wildlife Problems:

  1. We can determine what wildlife has invaded your home or business.
  2. We can safely trap the animal in a humane manner - don't worry, they'll be returned to nature far away from your home or business.
  3. We will design a program that will stop animals from entering your home or business.
  4. We offer a one-year warranty for exclusion work at your property.
  5. We provide follow-up visits at no extra charge.
  6. We provide peace of mind knowing that your animal control issue is resolved.

Chimneys - To many species of wildlife, chimneys make a great substitute for a hollow tree. Raccoons, squirrels, opossums and other animals often move right in and start families. Birds commonly fly into chimneys and discover that they can't fly back out. Ensuring that all chimneys are securely screened can help prevent this kind of problem.  Be aware that most commercially available chimney "caps" are not truly animal-proof. 

Roof/Soffit Intersections - A roof/soffit intersection is an area on a building where a section of the overhang meets a lower section of the roof, often where a garage roof meets with the main roof of the house. This area is one of the most vulnerable areas on any home due to the way it's built. Many species of wildlife are capable of maniplulating this area to gain access to the attic. Roof/soffit intersections are one of the most common areas of raccoon entry. As a part of a good prevention program, this area can be secured and made wildlife-proof.

Roof Vents - Roof vents are made of plastic or very light aluminum. In both cases, they are easily chewed or torn by squirrels or raccoons to gain access to the attic space. Roof vents can be screened to secure them against animals.

Plumbing Mats and Pipes - Plumbing mats are made of neoprene rubber or hard plastic.  On older homes, they may be made of lead or aluminum. In any case, they are vulnerable to wildlife because they can be chewed or lifted, allowing access to attic space. Plumbing vent pipes can, on occassion, become blocked by trapped wildlife. In some cases, squirrels can chew through ABS pipes to get into attics. Both mats and pipes can be screened to effectively protect them from wildlife.

Roof/Fascia - Roof/fascia areas are found around the roof edge of a home or other buildings.  if unprotected by drip-guard or screen, the joint of the roof board allows raccoons, squirrels or other wildlife a starting point for chewing. Very little chewing is needed for a squirrel to make a hole big enough for entry. In many cases, the squirrels are evicted or eaten by raccoons when they enlarge the hole, move in and take over. Installing screen or drip-guard protects roof/fascia gaps.

Wall Vents - If you have bathrooms or a kitchen in your home, chances are you have wall vents too.  On most homes, wall vents are completely unprotected, inviting birds, squirrels and other wildlife to move in. The results of these animals can be disgusting and unhealthy as nesting material and large accumulations of droppings can create strong odors and attract insects. These vents can be screened to prevent entry.

Decks and Sheds - Decks and sheds offer many types of urban wildlife great opportunities for shelter. When unprotected, skunks, raccoons, groundhogs, opossums and other wildlife often take advantage. If these structures are properly screened, animals cannot make use of them.

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